Who are we?

A Toronto based brewery

In 2014 Mr Homer started an Adventure into the world of Beer. After creating the HOMER’s brand and Wanting to have a uniquely  refined taste , he sought out to find the best ingredients possible around the world. “Global views for a Local brew” he stated. After extensive meetings with hops and malt farmers across Europe and other parts of the globe he found exactly what he was in search for.

With Specialty malts from Bavaria and the finest Czech Hops , in 2016 the Homer’s Premium Lager was created.
Our Premium Lager has light hops and a slightly sweet after taste from the specialty malts , which also gives the lager a uniquely rich amber color. Smooth and crisp, it will maintain a full body until the last drop. Perfect for social gatherings and entertaing guests.  Brewed in Etobicoke, Ontario with the highest quality control. Enhance your drinking experience with Homer’s Premium Lager.
4.6 alc./vol.
IBU – 16.
Light and crisp.

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